«Trust and knowledge»

Tuberculosis training program Norway

The content in the program is based on a needs assessment among people in the target groups. Feedback from participants shows that the program promotes learning, reflection and a change of attitude towards tuberculosis (TB).  The TB training program contains various written and visual forms of information including an animated film in various languages which explains TB in a simple way. The animated film can be used in an international context. The rest of the program is made for a Norwegian context. It may give you some ideas on how to make similar programs in your country.

The main messages in the materials are:

  • you will be cured of TB
  • consult a doctor if you have symptoms of TB
  • doctors and nurses are bound to confidentiality (professional secrecy)
  • treatment is free of charge




The content of the TB training program in Norwegian













Animated films in various languages for international usage (YouTube)

The animated film «You will be cured of TB» explains in a simple way how TB is transmitted, what its symptoms are, and how it is treated. The most important message is that TB is curable. The film is available in the following languages:



























About the TB training program

Norway is a low TB incidence country. 90 % of those who get TB in Norway are immigrants from high TB incidence countries. Two persons representing immigrants from these countries in Drammen municipality initiated a collaborative project for developing a TB teaching program for immigrants at risk. They experienced that immigrants lacked information about TB and had reduced trust in the Norwegian healthcare system. Healthcare workers, on their side, experience difficulties in providing information and TB services to immigrants, because of the language and stigma barriers.

Our project group consists of the initiators, a former TB patient, a patient organization, a public health nurse from the municipality, the TB coordinator from the hospital and two persons working with equitable health services at Drammen hospital. The group members have complementing knowledge and experience from both a user and a system perspective.

Good arenas for teaching are introduction centres (schools where newly arrived immigrants learn Norwegian and learn about the society), asylum camps and immigrant organisations.

TB training program «Trust and knowledge» is now included in the WHO compendium on good practices on implementation of the Tuberculosis Action Plan for the WHO European Region 2016–2020. 


​It is important to emphasize the importance of:

  • presenting safe messages about TB
  • using a simple language when teaching
  • that people in target groups need oral and visual information along with written information
  • information is more trusted if it is presented by a former TB patient or representatives from the tain addition to a health care worker

The aims of the teaching program are:

  • spread knowledge about TB
  • create trust in the Norwegian health system
  • make people seek health care if TB is suspected
  • reduce stigma and fear

Contact information

For information, please contact:

Hege S. Bjelkarøy
TB coordinator, Vestre Viken Hospital Trust

Ingunn Nordstoga
Advisor, LHL International Tuberculosis Foundation