Mental Health in School

School is not just a place to study. It is also a psychosocial environment that has a great impact on the life of the students. School has the power and the opportunity to act as a health-promoting platform if it puts mental health on the agenda.

Being a VIP school means promoting health. We know that systematic work with the topic of mental health in schools pays off, not just in terms of the students’ mental health, but also in terms of learning environment.

The Mental Health in School Funding Category

The Norwegian Directorate of Health considers mental health to be so important that it set up a dedicated funding category called Mental Health in School. The VIP School Programme is part of this category, which consists of several school programmes and initiatives that together cover the entire school run.

The Directorate of Health's web page has more resources and information about other mental health programmes than VIP. — Note that the page is in norwegian

A report by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health states that:

Successful health-promoting and disease-preventing efforts must, to a large extent, take place in arenas other than healthcare administration and health service providers.

You can see Report 2011:1 from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health here. — Note that the report is in norwegian

Meanwhile, according to the Public Health Report:

A health-promoting school shall contribute to learning and good physical and mental health. The school's efforts in the form of developing learning environment, combating bullying, and promoting friendship and good relations are central to this work.

You can see the Public Health Report, Report to the Storting 34, 2013 here — Note that the web page and report are in norwegian

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