Mental Health Problems and Mental Illness

All people experience major or minor problems from time to time. It is normal and natural to sometimes have difficult thoughts and emotions. We can feel sad, depressed, aggressive, or excited, but as long as it does not influence our everyday life over a long period of time, we do not call it an illness.

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In our student booklet “That’s Life” ​(2017), we consider the most common mental health problems and illnesses. Take a look at the links below to learn more about these topics.

Please note that the linked information is in norwegian:

Seek Help!

Now that you know a bit more about mental disorders, perhaps you can recognize yourself or others in some of these descriptions. Remember that we all have variations in our psyche, so it is completely natural to feel like we recognize ourselves in many of these descriptions. However, if you have symptoms that extend to your everyday life and you are not feeling well, seek help.

The same is true if you know someone who is struggling. Remember that it can always get better. If you are experiencing difficulties, it is important to get help to prevent minor problems from growing into something bigger.

Talk to someone who has experience working with young people. Maybe that person is your school nurse? Please do not give up until you find someone you can talk to. The first step might be speaking with someone over the phone or the Internet.

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