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Vi som jobber i Skoleprogrammet VIP

Contact us on: or by telephone (+47) 995 72 518 if you have questions or need additional information.

Please note that 47 is the international phone code for Norway.

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We work for the VIP School Programme:

​Espen Hansen

Espen has worked for VIP since September 2001 and became the head of the school programme on 1 October 2014. He is a qualified economist with a university degree from Sweden. He later got an education in Psychiatric Nursing. Before he started his career at the VIP Programme, Espen worked at Blakstad Hospital for 10 years. He is both educated and experienced in educational guidance and specially trained as an Empathic Communication instructor.


Espen Hansen

​Mia Iversen

Mia has worked for the VIP Programme since 2007. She is a clinical specialist in Psychiatric Nursing and a subject teacher of Healthcare, Childhood, and Youth Development. She worked for 9 years in secondary care before she started at VIP, and she now splits her time evenly between the VIP Programme and the Vestre Viken Department of Research and Development. Mia supervises psychological and educational family interaction and has experience with guidance groups for relatives and professionals. She is also specially trained as an Empathic Communication instructor.


Mia Iversen

​Jorid Bakken Steigum

Jorid joined the VIP team in May 2014 and is a Lector in drama and theater. She has worked six years in Upper Secondary School and has extra education in theater sciences, interdisciplinary gender studies and psychology. Jorid has also worked as a substitute leader for the Rosa (Pink) Competence School Measure, under FRI —
The Association for gender- and sexual diversity (formerly LLH) and has education as an instructor in Empathic Communication.


Jorid Bakken Steigum

​Maya Kaur

Maya joined the VIP team in autumn 2016.
She is a qualified social worker with a major in Psychology and further education in Coaching and Guidance. She has versatile work experience, both from Norwegian Child Welfare Services and a residential treatment facility for substance abuse. She has also worked in secondary care in Bærum Municipality as a Substance Abuse Consultant.
Before she joined the VIP team, Maya worked for Støttesenter mot incest (Oslo Support Centre Against Incest) for seven years.
She is also specially trained as an Empathic Communication instructor.


Maya Kaur

Camilla Cecilie Øien

Camilla is a qualified psychologist whose one-year temporary position in the VIP Programme began in September 2018. She has worked for BUP (The Child and Adolescent Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic) for four years and also has experience working as a municipal psychologist. Camilla has worked extensively with anxiety, depression, trauma, and eating disorders in children and young people.
She also has experience working as a guidance counsellor for both schools and municipal healthcare services, and she is currently taking a specialization course directed by the Norwegian Psychological Association.


Camilla Cecilie Øien

Ingunn Skiaker

Ingunn has worked part-time as an office assistant for the VIP Programme since autumn 2014. She is a trained librarian who has worked for Blakstad Hospital for 19 years, mostly as a specialist librarian. Ingunn has also received further education in Evidence-Based Practice in Health Work. She also works for the Vestre Viken Education Department.

Ingunn Skiaker

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