VIP Research and Assessment

Bror Just Andersen, PhD, researches the effects of preventive mental health work in upper secondary school. His research shows that young people are getting better at seeking help at an early stage. Additionally, the VIP Programme has a positive effect on the anxiety level of the students.

PHD og forsker Bror Just Andersen.

Students with mental health conditions observe that it is easier to open up about their problems after the VIP Programme. It appears that a year after the programme was carried out, the number of students who struggle with anxiety was reduced by half, and bullying was reduced by one third.
Tromsø University’s electronic scientific journal “Ungsinn” has also assessed the VIP Programme as a functionally effective measure for the mental health of children and adolescents.

You can see the assessment of the VIP Programme here. – Note that the text is in norwegian

Research Articles

The first and the second articles in Bror Just Andersen's doctoral thesis on the effects of preventive mental health work, published in Norsk Epidemiologi (The Norwegian Journal of Epidemiology) on the 10th of March 2010. Note that the texts are in norwegian:

The third article by Bror Just Andersen, published in Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening (The Journal of the Norwegian Psychological Association), no. 9, 2012. Note that the text is in norwegian:

The fourth article by Bror Just Andersen, published in the Journal of the International Hospitals Federation, 2013, Vol 49; 4, page 8–11:

Research Described in the Book Mental Health in School

An account of both the VIP Programme and the research is given in the book Psykisk helse i skolen (Mental Health in School) (Ed. Bru, E., Cosmovici Idsø, E., Øverland, K. Universitetsforlaget). The chapter is called “Information on Mental Health — the Key Measure for Promoting Students’ Social and Emotional Competence” (page 257–270).

You can read more about the book «Mental Health in School» here

Research Described in Other Media

Please note that the following articles are in norwegian.

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