Free Update From the VIP Programme

Do you think your school needs an update on the topics of mental health and life management skills? The VIP Programme offers refresher courses of various lengths. Stress, sexuality, social anxiety, or nonconsensual image sharing are only some of the topics we can talk about. Such an update can bring new inspiration for the established VIP schools, and it is completely free.

Photo of the VIP poster on a glass door. The poster reads: we are the VIP school.
The VIP Programme implementation is marked with a poster hanging at the entrance to Lakselv Upper Secondary School.

The VIP Programme is carried out by about 130 upper secondary schools every year. Some of them have been part of the programme for 16 years while others joined just a year ago. This means that there may also be different needs for updates and training.

Many Relevant Topics

Every year, the VIP Programme team goes deep into new and relevant topics in the field of mental health. This is reflected in our trainings, new exercises, and the revision of our materials. This is why a new VIP course may look very different from what it was a couple of years ago.

Some of the topics we can raise during our refresher courses are stress and anxiety, gender and sexuality, social anxiety, abuse, or the consequences of image sharing without consent. Many teachers also appreciate tips on how to communicate with and help students who experience problems.

If your school has not been visited by the VIP team since the new materials came out in 2015, we recommend that you contact us for a refresher course.

Recommended Update

Since the launch of the VIP Programme in 2000, it has grown from being a local project with a focus on mental disorders to becoming a nationwide programme on general mental health. The programme has seen especially rapid development over the last four years. A new website, new booklets, new profile, and new employees have pushed the programme forward. If your school has not been visited by the VIP team since the new materials came out in 2015, we recommend that you contact us for a refresher course.

What Can We Offer?

For schools in Eastern Norway, we are offering opening meetings of one to two hours where we focus on the implementation of the programme, as well as new materials and exercises. Opening meetings are organised at many schools every year and are particularly useful for new teachers. However, if the school has many new teachers, we recommend arranging a half-day seminar where we can focus on the VIP Programme foundations, new relevant topics, and experience sharing. All schools that are new to the VIP Programme, or who have taken a long break, are offered a full-day training conference.

You can read more about VIP's Full-day training conference here. — Please note that the information is in norwegian 
Every year, the VIP Programme organises separate training sessions for health professionals/student services at Blakstad Hospital. These sessions can also be arranged elsewhere in the country if needed. We also conduct regional training sessions as part of our practical initiative aimed at a better start to the school year, the VIP Partnership. We are also offering courses in the Empathic Communication method for teachers and health workers. Since we are funded by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, our courses are free of charge for schools and programme participants.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The schools that have been carrying out the VIP Programme for a while might need some new inspiration and input. The programme research is based on the 3+2-hour model where the teacher is responsible for part 1, and a class visit is conducted by student services/health services in part 2, respectively. Of course there might be new approaches that can give a school a fresh start. Contact us if you would like to rethink the VIP Programme and share your ideas. A refresher course can be a good starting point for doing so. 

We will also be happy to help if your school faces challenges related to programme implementation. The VIP Programme team has gained a lot of experience and collected some great advice, including useful tips from other schools. It is also possible to arrange a regional best practices seminar where schools can share their VIP Programme experiences.

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