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We want your views and feedback on our services. If you have been a patient at Vestre Viken Hospital Trust or are the next of kin to someone who has been, we greatly appreciate if you would like to answer a survey. You can also send us letters with suggestions for improvements, praise or complaints.

Your opinion is important to us, thank you for your help!

​Survey about patient satisfaction

We constantly strive to improve or services, so if you've recently been a patient, or if you are the next of kin to someone who has been a patient at one of the treatment facilities at Vestre Viken Hospital Trust, we greatly appreciate feedback about your experiences. We would like to have all patients answer our survey, whether you've been hospitalized for 24-hours or more, have had day-treatment, day-surgery, drop-in-treatment, or outpatient treatment.

Click here to answer our survey about patient satisfaction

Practical information about the survey:

  • The survey is anonymous.

  • If you've given your permission to participate and provided us with your e-mail address, you will usually receive the survey within 14 days after treatment has ended.

  • Completing the survey takes approximately 10 minutes.
    This can vary somewhat depending on where you've been treated.

  • Please note that you will be unable to "browse" backwards once you switch to a new page in the survey.

  • You should complete the whole survey once you've started.

  • The survey will be terminated if the page you are viewing is left idle for more than three minutes.

Any questions regarding the survey can be sent to: brukerundersokelser@vestreviken.no
NB! Do not send sensitive information via e-mail.

Send us letters with suggestions for improvements, praise or complaints

If you've received treatment at one of our hospitals or one of our many other treatment facilities, you can send us written feedback about your experiences with our services. Your opinions are important to us, we appreciate any feedback we can get.

If you think we haven't fulfilled your patient rights, or that you have not received the health or care services you're entitled to, you can send us a written complaint. Read about your right to complain as a patient (Helsenorge.no).

Postal address for all feedback:

Vestre Viken HF
Postboks 800
3004 Drammen

You can choose to remain anonymous, but doing so means you will not receive an answer from us. If you want to recieve an answer, you must provide your name and address. If you do so, we will send you an answer in the mail after we have processed the case. This can take up to four weeks.

How we process submitted complaints, suggestions for improvements and praise

Vestre Viken comprises 22 municipalities and several hundred departments in many locations, so once we've received your letter, it is registered at our central post office and the inquiry is forwarded to the correct location in the Health Trust. There, the inquiry is processed and any improvement-measures are implemented.

Feedback to the Emergency Services (Legevakt)

Emergency Rooms for the Emergency Services (Legevakt) are often located close to, or at our hospitals, yet Vestre Viken Hospital Trust and our hospitals are not responsible for the Emergency Rooms. They are owned and managed by the municipality in which they are located, so praise for or complaints about an Emergency Room, must be directed there. You can find their contact information on that particular Emergency Services' own website, or on the municipality's website.

Feedback to Viken County Municipality (Viken Fylkeskommune) or NAV Vest-Viken

The names are rather similar, but Viken, Vest-Viken and Vestre Viken are not the same organization. If you have questions, praise or complaints to Viken Fylkeskommune (Viken County Municipality) or NAV Vest-Viken, you must contact them directly.

Please note that information on the linked sites are in norwegian.

Viken County MunicipalityNAV Vest-Viken

Send us none-sensitive feedback via e-mail

We are not allowed to process sensitive information via e-mail because it is not considered a secure medium for such information. Therefore, it is important that you do not send sensitive personal information such as social security numbers, information about your illness, patient history, payment for services, your account number or the like via e-mail.

General feedback without sensitive info can be sent to us by using the e-mail: postmottak@vestreviken.no

If you must provide sensitive information, it must be sent via a physical letter sealed in an envelope or similar. Postal address: Vestre Viken HF, Postboks 800, 3004 Drammen.

Did you find what you were looking for at our web pages?

Near the bottom of most of our web pages we have the question "Did you find what you were looking for?" («Fant du det du lette etter?»). You can answer Yes (JA) or No (NEI) to this question, and if you think the web page was informative and good, or if you find errors or omissions on the web page, you can write a short feedback to us about that web page.

Note that this is not a service for entering into dialogue, sending questions, complaints or general feedback about health services, but an anonymous feedback form with a limited amount of text to provide feedback about the web page you're reading.

Because of privacy laws, the feedback form automatically deletes sensitive info such as contact information and social security numbers, so your feedback on the website is anonymous. Thus, we can not give you answers to these inquiries, but all feedback is read and evaluated in regard to corrections and improvements.

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